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A Walking Tour of The City of Aberdeen

The Aberdeen Heritage Tour: Provided as a community service by The Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum, Inc.

Welcome to the City of Aberdeen. We greet those whom we have known for many years and those who are new to the community. It has been over 110 years since a thriving little village was formally incorporated as a town. Now, over a century later, and still going strong, it was officially designated as a City in 1992.

We take pride in our City and in the people who have contributed to its history, helped shape our destiny, and who guided the town through both good and perilous times.

We hope you enjoy your tour of Historic Aberdeen. We invite you or your group to visit the Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum, Inc., which is a treasure trove of local memorabilia. Thank you for coming to Aberdeen our All-America City 1997 and enjoy the day.



1. This is were our tour begins with the Aberdeen Municipal Building which houses the City Hall & Offices and Police Station located at 60 N. Parke Street it was built in 2000 and dedicated in 2001. See the Aberdeen Room display located in the lobby.

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pic building across top and 1 down each side

2. Festival Park Square - truly a peaceful place to rest and relax in downtown Aberdeen.

3. Public School Complex - on Howard St. (Now the community Services Building) started out as an eight room high school in 1907.

4. 18 Howard Street - the present home of the Aberdeen Room Archives and Museum, Inc. started its life as a market in the 1940's.

5. Cecil Federal Bank - first constructed as a comfort station for APG service men on leave in 1936. The main entrance now on Howard St. This is the home of Cecil Federal Bank in Aberdeen, Maryland.

6. 10 Howard Street - Ashley Community Outreach Center - is the site of the first City Police Station.

7. 6 Howard Street - offices of Drs. Morris & Roth is where the City Office and Town Hall were at the turn of the century.

8. 17 North Philadelphia Blvd. - home was built by New York Pitcher Lester German - an 1890’s Victorian house converted to modern use in the 1940's.

9. Present Amtrak Station - Standing on the site of the 1890 Station was refurbished in 1942 and more recently in 1991.

10. Corner of Rt. 40 & West Bel Air Ave. - Odd Fellows Building - 3 buildings on this site 1893 - 1918 and 1976 after devastating fires.

11. 8 West Bel Air Avenue - Adams & Rigdon Grocery - Brass plaque in sidewalk - Wm. Noble Adams & Sons current site of Harford National Bank.

12. Corner of Howard St. & West Bel Air Avenue. First National Bank of Aberdeen - known as "Tin Can" Bank. Second building on this site, present 1919 building constructed around first 1891 building.

13. 15 West Bel Air Avenue - E. Bell’s Pharmacy - Aberdeen's first pharmacy originally opened in 1896 by Dr. E. Dell and Dr. T. A. Cronin, first Dentist. Present building constructed in 1976, now Eckerd drug store.

14. 30 West Bel Air Avenue - Aberdeen Post Office - opened for business on this site in 1937, first building of its own since service began in the 1830’s.

15. 38 West Bel Air Avenue - Landbeck Buildings - site of Willard Tarring Apartments and the original Undertakers building is still standing, established here in 1854.

16. 110 West Bel Air Avenue - Grace United Methodist Church - site of first church in 1893, present structure built in 1964.

17. 115 West Bel Air Avenue - office Building - original Sisk and Son, Inc. Brokerage office built circa 1900.

18. 202 West Bel Air Avenue - Home of Richard Neu, a local accountant, built in Circa 1893-1895.

19. 214 West Bel Air Avenue - original home of Aubrey N. Mitchell, an Aberdeen banker.

20. 216 West Bel Air Avenue - now Jeager office. Built near the turn of the century, home of George H. Mitchell.

21. 218 West Bel Air Avenue - original home of William Silver, a canner and broker.

22. Law and 300 West Bel Air Avenue - original site of Southern Methodist Church and Parsonage built in 1899 on the site of the 1866 chapel.

23. 301 West Bel Air Avenue - Wilson Oliver Insurance Agency - traces its origin back to 1875 when Luther Osborn was area representative for Harford Mutual.

24. 310 West Bel Air Avenue - Slee House and Store - law offices in original house of George Slee, well known businessman. Store site is now a parking lot.

25. B & O Railroad Station - oldest B&O station in use on the Philadelphia line built in 1885 in the Queen Anne style.

26. 411-413 West Bel Air Avenue - office building original C. W. Baker canning house and warehouse built in 1908.

27. 452 West Bel Air Avenue - original James B. Baker house built in 1896. He was Aberdeen Postmaster from 1881 to 1884 during the Garfield administration, and also a canner.

28. 468 West Bel Air Avenue - original William B. Baker house built in 1896. He was U. S. Congressman and canner.

29. 476 West Bel Air Avenue - originally the home of John Hanson Baker an Aberdeen canner.

30. 477 West Bel Air Avenue - originally the home of Beulah Baker Adams and J. Victor Adams, an Aberdeen grocer.

31. 514 West Bel Air Avenue - originally the home of A. Lynn Baker, a local canner. This colonial revival house was build in 1920’s.

32. 602 West Bel Air Avenue - originally Grove Presbyterian Church Manse built in the 1850’s, now a private residence.

33. 603 West Bel Air Avenue - C. W. Baker house built in 1885, from this vantage point he could over see his canning empire.

34. 610 West Bel Air Avenue - P. Tevis Baker house built in 1902, he was a canner and President of the Board of Education of Harford County. 


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A Historic Tour of Hall’s Cross Roads in the City of Aberdeen

(East Aberdeen)





Welcome to Hall’s Cross Roads (East Aberdeen). We greet those who we have known for many years and those who are new to the community. It has been over 300 years since our thriving little village was born at these cross roads.

The seed was planted by Captain John Smith. It grew and blossomed at the intersection of the Philadelphia Post Road and the Bush River Neck Road. Hall’s Cross Roads has grown to become the thriving community it is today.

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